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This 1944 International Harvester FFN-3 Crash Truck (model HFA-K-1059, serial M-3L-4-3721) was built in the Springfield, Ohio, plant as a 1½ ton 6x6 M3-4 military truck chassis. Built as a firefighting crash truck, it was fitted with Bean Company body, firefighting apparatus, and accessories specific to operating aircraft crashes at military airfields and bases. When delivered to the U.S. Navy, it was given the military designation FFN-3. Total wartime production of M-3 series (and FFN-3) was between 6,000 and 7,000 with most being built for the Navy and Marine Corps. 


While it’s yet to be discovered what bases this specific truck was assigned, it was likely sold as surplus locally after the war and then used in civilian firefighting service for many years after. The truck was recently purchased from a private party with the purpose of donating it to the CAF Ground Forces Detachment. She’s currently in Minnesota and the budget shipping cost is about $500. We are looking for help getting this unique piece of WWII airfield ground equipment in our hands so we can share it with the world. 

Once the FFN-3 Crash Truck is with the CAF Ground Forces Detachment, it will be displayed (and eventually operated) at CAF events, Detachment events, and STEM focused educational events. Please help us bring her home and make her available for future generations to experience and appreciate. Every $5, $10, or other amount will help. Thank you.

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